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Expat Salaries in Bahrain

Bahrain is an expat country with its geographical location and tax policies.
Therefore, the Middle East and Africa Headquarters of many international companies are located in Bahrain.

Expats from all over the world live in Bahrain. Bahrain ranks high in international lists of expat-friendly countries.

Bahrain can be called the Singapore and Hong Kong of the Middle East for expats.

Expat Salaries in Bahrain

Due to reasons such as strong economy and high welfare standards, Bahrain is one of the countries that arouse curiosity for expats.

The fact that the Middle East headquarters of many European and American-based international companies is in Bahrain causes many expats to come to Bahrain to work in these companies.

But how much do Expats earn in Bahrain?

The determination of expat fees in Bahrain varies according to the opportunities offered to expats. House rent - health insurance - car money etc. paid for the company employee. can change the salary to be paid to the expat according to the payments.

For example, if the Bahraini company pays the house rent for its employee, the salary it will give to the employee is less. If the Bahraini company does not pay the house rent for its employee, the salary it will pay to its employee is higher.

If you are browsing Bahrain Career Sites or Bahrain Job Sites, if there is too much difference between salaries, it is because of rent etc. side payments.

While firm A can offer 2000 BHD + 450 BHD Rent aid as expat salary in Bahrain,
Firm B can offer 2450 BHD as expat salary in Bahrain.

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