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Becoming an Expat in Bahrain

Weekends are different in Bahrain

Thank you its friday. Does saying this make you happy?

In Bahrain it doesn't make sense.



It may be unusual for you. While weekends in the rest of the world take place on Saturday and Sunday, in Bahrain the weekends are different.

Here, working days start on Sunday. Weekends in Bahrain are Friday and Saturday.

This is because Friday is worship in Islam. People don't work on Fridays in Bahrain. This takes some getting used to.

But soon people will learn “TGIT”

What is TGIT? Thank God it's Thursday.

Bahrain Currency

Do you live in the UK and think GBP is a valuable coin?

Is Europe's Euro more valuable than the USD?

You think these currencies are valuable relative to the rest of the world's currencies, don't you?

BHD will change your perspective.

To compare

1 BHD = $2.65
1 BHD = 2.24 Euros

Bahrain Currency is the 2nd most valuable currency in the world.

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